Swiss credit over 3500 dollars


If you are interested in a Swiss loan of over 3,500 dollars, we can show you the options for lending. You will also receive information about which bank has the Swiss credit and, if desired, you can also apply directly there. Contrary to what is stated otherwise, it is very possible to apply for the Swiss loan of $ 3500 directly from a bank: not in Switzerland, but in Liechtenstein.

Take out a Swiss loan of over 3500 dollars

Take out a Swiss loan of over 3500 dollars

The possibility of taking out a loan without Credit Bureau is a real blessing for those who have negative Credit Bureau information and therefore cannot get a loan from German banks. Life with bad Credit Bureau is not easy when it comes to proving creditworthiness. Banks and telecommunications companies as well as mail order companies keep a low profile and refuse to do business. That means no new cell phone contract, no goods from mail order and no credit from the bank.

When unexpected costs in the form of an expensive car repair come to those affected, good advice is expensive. Here even in the truest sense of the word, because the Credit Bureau-free loan is a lot more expensive than a comparable loan from German banks. In addition to the extremely high interest rates that are required, there is also the placement commission and, in the case of direct application, the notary fees for certified proof of income.

If you have a bad Credit Bureau and have to pay a deposit when moving or want to buy other important consumer goods, you have to find ways to finance the wishes. The advertising for Credit Bureau-free loans usually comes from credit brokers who promise credit even in particularly difficult or hopeless cases.

Please don’t fall for this advertisement. Fine Bank in Liechtenstein, which offers the so-called Swiss loan of $ 3500, only grants the loan to customers who are creditworthy. It is true that Credit Bureau does not provide information, but credit applicants still have to prove regular income from a permanent position – without income there is no credit. The loan is also not given to the self-employed or freelancers.

Only dependent employees who have been in the job for a year have the chance to get a loan. Low earners or part-time workers are also out of the question if their income is below the garnishment limit. In addition, protection through a guarantee is not possible. The bank also looks at the public debt register. Anyone who has submitted the EV or is going through insolvency proceedings will not get a loan.

Hire a credit broker

Hire a credit broker

If you are unsure whether the foreign bank is granting a loan, it is best to contact a credit broker. The intermediary arranges a preliminary check so that no additional costs arise in advance and the loan is only mediated if the person concerned is creditworthy. The brokerage commission is only payable if the broker can actually broker a loan. Reputable companies are Agree Bank or Across Lender.

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